Special Issue of Information Technology and People

Call for papers Special Issue of Information Technology and People
ICTs in a Changing Society

It is crucial to understand how ICT innovation is associated with change in society. Information Technology and People are pleased to announce a Special Issue focussing on this critical issue. Between 5 and 8 high quality papers addressing the role of ICTs in societal change will be chosen from a broad range of topics, with an aim to address both the breadth of impact and any common themes that may arise. The complex interrelationship between societal change and the ICTs in use by both different societies and different sectors of societies seems to encompass both technologically deterministic shifts grounded in fundamental telecommunications infrastructure (e.g. mobile internet in developing countries) and intensely social emergence trends such as the ever shifting patterns of social media usage. Are ICTs reflecting, driving, or simply material-virtual manifestations of the accelerated change in contemporary society?
The Special Issue welcomes high quality academic papers from any of the following themes:
• Computers and Work
• Ethics of Computing
• Gender Diversity and ICT
• History of Computing
• ICT and Society
• ICT and Sustainable Development
• ICT, Peace and War
• Information Technology: Misuse and The Law
• Social Accountability and Computing
• Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries
• Virtuality and Society
Paper submission
Please return your submission to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/itp.
Submitted papers should be 5000-8000 words.

Human Choice and Computers – a series of conferences organised by the International Federation of Information Processing’s (IFIP) Technical Committee 9 (TC9) – has focused on this critical issue over the summer of 2014. The Special Issue Editorial Team will be Kai Kimppa – host of HCC11 in Turku, Finland, July 2014 – and David Kreps – Chair of IFIP WG 9.5 on Virtuality and Society. Suitable reviewers who read papers for the conference will be invited to review also the proposed articles for the Special Issue, and their names will be included in the introductory editorial. The Editorial Team will co-write an introductory editorial to the Special Issue. Papers are welcome also from academics and researchers not associated with IFIP or the HCC11 conferences.

Important dates
March 2014​ – ​SI Call issued to same channels as Conference CFP and wider
September 30th 2014​ – Deadline for papers
Jan 31st 2015​​ – Reviews returned
April 30th 2015​​ – Revised papers submitted
30th June 2015​​ – Final papers due
Autumn 2015 / Spring 2016 ​Special Issue published